Maximum performance

Just start typing the name of a tool and Fast Mockup will instantly find what you need. Multiple hotkeys and possibility to control the program using arrow keys will substantially reduce the time needed for creating a mockup.

Ease of element positioning

A special built-in tool will help you to quickly and precisely position elements relative to each other.

Flexible formatting

Nearly all elements support flexible formatting using special symbols. For example, select any part of text using the * symbol and it will be automatically converted into bold text. 

Over 35 elements

Use all available elements and their properties to create the mockups you need. Don’t forget that a minor change in properties can completely change the appearance of an element.

Support of standard commands

Fast Mockup supports all standard Windows application commands. You can copy, cut and paste elements. Undo changes by pressing the Ctrl+Z combination and bring them back with Ctrl+Y.

Images from the clipboard

Past images directly from the clipboard without saving them to the disk. Just press Ctrl+V and the image will be pasted into your mockup.

And lots of other nice little features :)